Members Help Guide

We’re here to help you!

This information has been developed based on feedback from our members to answer any questions and assist you with making the most of your timeshare.

We also encourage you to review ‘Enhancing Your Timeshare Ownership’ booklet which outlines the many benefits of Classic Holidays’ membership and management of your resort.

Maximise your entitlement

If you are unable to take a holiday or would like a change, here are some alternative ways to maximise your entitlement:

  • Bank your entitlement to use at a later date
  • Exchange your entitlement to a resort across Australia or around the world
  • Exchange your entitlement for an escorted coach tour or cruise subsidy
  • Book a holiday for friends or family
  • Rent your entitlement privately

Contact Details

Please promptly notify Classic Holidays should your contact details change. It is your responsibility to ensure that Classic Holidays has your current details. You are also able to update your details on the Classic Holidays website. 


As a valued member of a Classic managed resort/club, financial members are entitled to an exclusive 30% discount* on all rental reservations year round (excluding Weeks 52 & 1). This means you can take a break at great rates!

This discount is valid for use at all Classic managed resorts/clubs, and you may also book for family or friends. Your discount isn’t just valid for weekly bookings either - book a weekend getaway or a midweek escape!

* excludes 1 night bookings


Visit and login to the exclusive Weeks Members Area to:

  • View your entitlement details and booking history
  • View and update your contact details
  • Book your home resort entitlement
  • Bank your entitlement with Exchange & Play
  • Pay/Pre-Pay your levies
  • Member Information & Publications
  • Specials and resort information
  • View and book live Exchange and Bonus Weeks availability

Website login

To visit the exclusive member’s area of our website you must have your login details.
If you are unsure of your details, please contact us.


Except in resorts where specific weeks in specific units were sold, allocations for your reservations are completed on a ‘first booked - first served’ basis.
When you make your reservation, either over the phone, in writing or via our website, it’s important to provide us with a range of preferences (unit type, floor etc) in the event your first preference is unavailable.

Whilst every effort is made to fulfil your request, it cannot be guaranteed. For security purposes, and in case of apartment maintenance requirements or emergencies, apartment allocations are not disclosed prior to arrival.

Autobanking (Floating members only)

We understand that everyone is busy with day to day life and we certainly don’t want to see you lose your entitlement. ‘Autobanking’ is a feature to assist our Floating members.

Approximately 3 months from the end of your entitlement year, if you have not already booked your entitlement or we have not received any notification from you, and your account is not in arrears, your entitlement will be autobanked with Exchange & Play. 

This means your entitlement is now banked for up to 3 years and when you need a holiday, simply contact us to arrange your exchange. With low exchange fees, you can exchange your banked week to destinations around the world!  You will find more information on our Exchange & Play program in our
Enhancing your Timeshare Ownership’ booklet.


  • Unfortunately, a small number of entitlements may be overlooked.  Please ensure you are up to date with the status of your entitlement at all times.
  • Entitlements returned to your account during the last 3 months of your entitlement year will not be autobanked.
  • Excludes Cedar Lake, Classic @ Calypso and Palm Court.

Bonus Weeks

Members from other timeshare resorts around the world bank their entitlements in order to exchange elsewhere. At times, there are no requests to take up these banked weeks, so these unused bankings are made available within 6-8 weeks of arrival at resorts at heavily discounted rates.

Members are not required to bank or exchange into these weeks, simply pay the discounted rate. Please note, as these are heavily discounted, last minute bookings, they are non-refundable.   To search for Bonus Weeks availability, simply visit our website, login to the exclusive Members area and follow the links.

Booking Guidelines

We encourage all members to give as much notice as possible to increase your chances of receiving your requested dates and room preferences.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure that your preference is allocated, room requests cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. 

For emergency maintenance and security purposes, room numbers will not be disclosed prior to arrival. We are also unable to advise your room number to friends/family once you are in-house. You must advise friends/family of the resort telephone number where they are able reach you.

You should receive written confirmation of your reservation from us within 10 days of making your reservation.  If not, contact us to request a copy.

Classic Holidays can only confirm reservations when all applicable fees, charges or levies have been paid in full. All payments must be made in Australian dollars.
Payments for Exchange & Play bookings are payable to Classic Holidays whilst levies are payable to the Resort.

In order to comply with Health, Fire & Safety Regulations and the rules of the Club, the maximum number of persons permitted in each apartment is strictly enforced and is not to be exceeded.  Maximum occupancy details are contained in your booking confirmation and includes infants and children.

Owners are required to contact Classic Holidays every year to advise how they wish to use their entitlement.

Booking Windows

Reservations at Classic managed resorts/clubs are accepted as follows:

Boambee Bay: 10 months in advance
Cedar Lake: 24 months in advance (subject to By-Laws)
Don Pancho: on payment of annual levy by the due date, members can book the following calendar year’s entitlement
Mansfield: 12 months in advance
All Other Resorts/Clubs: a maximum of 12 months* in advance.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Fixed & Holiday Weeks

  • Boambee Bay, Capri Waters, Palm Court, Surfers Royale and Vacation Village

You will receive a confirmation letter confirming you into your week approximately 9 months in advance instead of being sent a letter reminding you to book.

  • Beachcomber, Beach House, Golden Shores, Pacific Palms, Sandy Point and Tiki Village

You are able to confirm your holidays from 12 months in advance. You will have the opportunity, subject to availability, to alter the check in day. We strongly recommend you book as early as possible to avoid missing out on your preferred check in day. If we haven’t heard from you approximately 9 months prior to arrival you will receive a confirmation letter to ensure you do not lose your entitlement.

If you receive your letter and decide you don’t want to holiday at your resort that year you can:

  • Bank your week with Exchange & Play (providing us with a minimum of 2 months’ notice prior to the commencement of your entitlement week)
  • If your resort has a Rental Pool, forward your written rental pool request (please refer to your resort’s Rules & Regulations/By-Laws for information regarding its rental pool use).  These are available on the Member Information page of the website or contact us for a hard copy.

Floating Week Members

At some resorts Floating week members can book in Fixed or Holiday week time at their home resort. To allow the members who own these weeks the opportunity to book their preferred check in day, bookings for these periods can be made a maximum of 9 months prior to arrival (subject to availability).

Family & Friends

If you are unable to use your entitlement, financial members may wish to offer it to family or friends to enjoy, you can even privately rent your entitlement(s).  Please note you must personally make the reservation to advise us of the guest name(s) and you are responsible for the guest(s) while they are staying at the resort.

Cancellation Policies

Rentals & Member Escape Weeks Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your reservation:

  • 15 to 30 days of arrival: 50% of monies paid will be refunded
  • 2 to 14 days of arrival: 25% of monies paid will be refunded
  • Within 48 hours: there will be no refund paid under any circumstances

Bonus Weeks & Specials are non-refundable.

Member Bookings Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 60 days and no later than 48 hours prior to arrival and have not accepted the CPO at the time of booking, then a cancellation fee* will be payable to reinstate your week as a deposit with Exchange & Play. Without the payment of the cancellation fee your entitlement will be forfeited.

* Refer website for current charges.

Cancellation Protection Option [CPO]

Classic offers you the option of taking out CPO* at the time of confirming your booking or accepting an exchange with Exchange & Play. The following rules apply:

Accepting CPO: If you need to cancel your booking(*1) or exchange(*2) within 60 days up to 48 hours of confirmed arrival, your entitlement will be:

(*1)     saved to use at a later date (up to the original expiry of the entitlement), or banked with Exchange & Play to use through the exchange system.
(*2)     saved to use at a later date (up to the original expiry of the deposit/banked week) and your exchange fee will be refunded.

Declining CPO: If you decline CPO at the time of confirming your booking(*1) or exchange (*2):

(*1)     the Member Bookings Cancellation Policy above applies.
(*2)     Exchange fee is forfeited regardless of notice given; if you cancel  less than 4 weeks prior to confirmed arrival, you will forfeit the week deposited against your exchange.

  • CPO is not available on Bonus Weeks/Members Escapes or any other “special” or “promotional” offers.
  • CPO is conditional upon Classic Holidays receiving written cancellation advice from the member a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival. 
  • CPO cannot be used to cancel a confirmed owners week or exchange reservation to then rebook the same holiday as either a Bonus or Promotional offer.

* Refer website for current charges.

Membership Number

Each member has a unique membership number [sometimes called an ‘Account ID’]. You will have received this in your welcome communication and it will also be found on any confirmation letter or levy invoice we send you. Keep this number handy when contacting Classic Holidays to help us identify your account details quickly. If you are unsure of your number, please contact us.


In a resort calendar year there are 52* weeks, starting with week 1 and ending with week 52. Generally the first Friday/Saturday each January (dependent on your resort’s designated check in day) determines week 1 at Classic managed resorts/clubs. As a timeshare owner you may have purchased one or more weeks at a specific resort.

* Periodically a week  53 occurs. Information is provided to members when this occurs.

There are numerous types of ownership:

Fixed Week Stay at your home resort each year for the specific week purchased.

Holiday Week

Holiday weeks are generally during schools holiday periods, and will vary depending on how your resort’s weeks were sold. For example. if you own Holiday Week 39, which usually falls in the September/October school holidays, you are entitled to stay at your home resort during these holidays each year.

Floating Week

These are the remaining weeks of the year outside fixed & holiday week periods. You may utilise your entitlement during these weeks each year, subject to availability.

Full Floating Week

Cedar Lake, Don Pancho and Mansfield only have full floating week ownership. This entitles the owner to utilise their ownership any time during the calendar year, subject to availability and Club Rules.

Odd/Even Weeks

Members of Golden Shores Holiday Club, Classic @ Calypso and Beachcomber International Resort own Odd and/or Even weeks, all with an anniversary date of 1 January.  
Odd shares: one week every odd year (eg 2013, 2015)
Even shares: one week every even year (eg 2014, 2016)
Couplet: one week every year, made up of one Odd and one Even share
Should you own either an ODD or an EVEN week, you would pay a levy each year equal to half the amount of a couplet levy. The two half levies combined will equal the total amount of Annual Levies required to utilise your week at your resort. Classic @ Calypso members should refer to Club Rules.

Anniversary Date

Your anniversary date is the date your annual entitlement commences, eg if the anniversary date is 1 July, your 2013/2014 entitlement is valid from 1 July 2013 - 30 June 2014 (with the next entitlement to commence on 1 July 2014).

This date can vary depending on your home resort/club. You would have been provided with your anniversary date in your welcome information.  If you are unsure of your anniversary date, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Annual Levy

All annual levy payments are to be made payable to your home resort in Australian dollars by the due date

Boambee Bay: 1 July
Cedar Lake: 31 December
Classic @ Calypso [HMI & Mango Tree]: 1 January
Palm Court: 31 December
All other Resorts: 31 July

Authorisation on your account

Classic Holidays strictly adheres to Privacy legislation, therefore, we can only speak with the person(s) named on your account. If you would like to authorise others to access your account or cancel an existing authority, please advise us in writing by email, fax or post. 

Download the Authority Form from the Member Information page of the website [if you don’t have internet access, contact Member Services to mail you a copy.]

Resort Refurbishments

Each resort manages an annual refurbishment program to keep apartments and facilities at the highest possible standard for members and guests. Refurbishment also ensures that managed resorts remain competitive, particularly for exchange and rental guests.

Periodically, it is necessary for a resort to undergo a major refurbishment program. Whilst every effort is made to minimise inconvenience, we ask for your understanding and patience during these busy times.  By reviewing all information provided to you, whether by post, email or on the website, you can ensure you are kept up to date with the most current information.

Rules & Regulations/By-Laws

In accordance with Clubs’ Constitutions, Rules & Regulations/By-Laws have been developed for each Club covering conduct and general use of the resort, apartments, facilities and equipment, liability, notifications, rental pool etc.

All Members, guests of members and visitors must comply with the Rules & Regulations of the resort.  You are responsible for the conduct/behaviour of any visitor, or guest staying at the resort in your absence.

To view current Rules & Regulations/By-Laws:

  • Click on Member Information in the footer links of our website
  • Refer apartment compendiums during your next stay
  • Contact Resort Reception or Member Services for a copy

Special Levy/Building Fund

A portion of your annual levy contributes to your resort’s refurbishment fund.  Unfortunately, when there are insufficient funds to undertake a major refurbishment, a Special Levy or Building Fund is determined to ensure adequate funds.  Please refer ‘Resort Reburbishment’ for more information.

Happy Snaps!

We know that people love nothing more than to share their happy holiday memories and we’d love you to share yours. 

We invite you to send your happy snaps to can’t wait to see your happy snaps.

Resale Information

The sale of timeshare is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). When dealing with companies involved in timeshare sales, ensure they have an ASIC issued Australian Timeshare Services Licence. Neither Classic Holidays nor the Clubs conduct resales of timeshare.

We recommend you contact Royale Timeshare Resales [a licensed resale agent], who can give you more information regarding your options:

Tel: 07 5514 0666

Transfer of Ownership

Should you wish to enquire about or receive further information on transfer of ownership at any Classic Holidays managed resort/club,
please contact us on 07 5595 7525 or by email,

Please be aware that the transferring of ownership in title based schemes is quite involved, therefore we would suggest that you make contact with us prior to the commencement of the transfer.

Transfer of Ownership Requirements

Keep Yourself Informed

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Choices – Destinations Edition

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Owner Information Sessions

When possible, Classic Holidays holds informative sessions in cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. These sessions are held to provide members of Classic managed resorts/clubs with news and updates on Classic Holidays and each resort, along with ideas on how to make the most of your ownership and future initiatives. 

When you receive your invitation, RSVP quickly as places are limited and fill quickly!

Please rest assured these sessions are not, in any way, sales oriented.  They are purely informative and designed based on the feedback and suggestions of members.  Come along to the next session nearest you and see for yourself.  We guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two!